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Vaccine Reactions

Most vaccine reactions are mild and can be cared for at home. Localized swelling, redness and pain at the site of the injection as well as a fever are common. These symptoms may last 2-3 days. Any vaccine may cause mild fussiness, irritability and mild sleep disturbances. Some children may sleep for longer than usual and some may have a decreased appetite. These symptoms are normal and will usually resolve within 48 hours. These reactions mean that the vaccine is working to create new antibodies to protect your child from the real disease.

For pain or tenderness at the injection site a cold compress may be applied for 20 minutes at a time. Tylenol or Motrin (if child over 6 months of age) may be given for pain or for fever over 100.4. Please see the dosage chart for the correct amount for your child. Your child may also develop a painless lump under the skin at the injection site. This lump may last for up to 2 months. Warm compresses applied 3 times a day may help.

When to Call the office:

  • Your child is under 3 months old and has a fever over 100.4
  • Your child has a fever over 100.4 for over three days after receiving vaccines
  • Localized redness and swelling at the site of the vaccine injection site is getting larger 48 hours or more after injections

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