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What is it?

Rashes are an abnormal appearance of the skin that can be caused from virus, bacterial infections, allergic reactions or fungus. They can be concentrated to one area of the body or be widespread across entire body. Many rashes do not require any treatment but your child may be contagious at the time the rash erupts due to viral illness.

What can I do?

Rashes can be difficult to identify without having your child seen in the office. Any time your child has a rash and would like it identified, please take a picture of the rash and bring your camera with your  to your child's appointment. Rashes can come and go quickly and without being able to see the rash we will be unable to identify it. For a rash that is itchy Benadryl can be given every 6 hour to help relieve the itch. Please see dosage charts for proper dose for your child. If your child is not bothered by the rash then observation until morning is all that is needed. If you gently apply pressure to the rash and the rash goes away and comes back when you let the pressure go (blanching) you can safely wait until the morning to call the office. If you find that the rash does not go away using this technique please call the office immediately.

When do I call the office?

Please call the office immediately at any time if:

  • Your child has a purple or blood colored rash with or without a fever
  • The rash does not blanch (see description above)
  • You child has any type of rash and is having difficulty breathing

Please call the office during normal business hours if:

  • Any other types of skin rashes. Some may be able to be diagnosed over the phone and others may need to be seen in the office.

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