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Diaper Rash

What is it?

Diaper rash is irritation to the skin in the diaper area most commonly caused by urine and stool coming in contact with the skin. A diaper rash may also be caused by yeast and bacteria. The skin can appear red and irritated. You may also see small red bumps to the skin.  A diaper rash can be painful for your child. With home care most diaper rashes go away in 3-4 days.

What can I do?

Most diaper rashes can be treated at home. If your child develops a diaper rash, rinse the diaper area with warm water at each diaper change. Pat the skin while cleaning, do not rub. Before applying a new diaper allow the skin to air dry completely. You may apply a barrier cream (A&D ointment, Balmax, Desitin, Butt Paste)  to skin once dry to prevent skin from contact with urine or stool then apply the diaper with the waist loosely fastened. This increases air flow to the diaper area. When your child has a wet or soiled diaper change it right away to decrease contact with the skin. Usually your child's diaper rash will improve in 3-4 days with this treatment.

When do I call the office?

Call the office during normal business hours if:

  • The diaper rash does not go away in 4 days using the above treatment
  • The skin appears bright red, raw and is bleeding in areas
  • Any blisters or areas that look like they are filled with pus
  • The rash starts to spread to areas not covered by the diaper

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