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How to Use a Bulb Suction Syringe

What is it?

A bulb suction syringe can help remove excess mucus from your child's nose during a cold or other upper respiratory infection. Bulb suction is usually used in conjunction with saline nasal drops. Saline nasal drops can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription. They help thin the nasal mucus so that you can then use the bulb suction to remove it. This is best tolerated in infants under one and you may need a second adult to help you hold the head still.

How do I use it?

Start by putting 2-3 drops of nasal saline into one side of nose. Then take your bulb syringe, squeeze it then insert the tip gently into one side of your child's nose. Once inserted slowly release the bulb. This action will suck the mucus into the bulb syringe and out of your child's nose. Repeat in the other side of the nose starting with saline drops. After each use make sure to thoroughly clean the bulb syringe with hot soapy water as to not re-introduce germs into the nose.

When do I use it?

You may use nasal saline drops and bulb suction anytime your child has a runny nose or nasal congestion. This is especially useful before you feed your baby and before naps or bedtime.

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