Children First Pediatrics follows the recommended vaccine schedule by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our practitioners agree that vaccines help to keep a child healthy as we live in a global world and many of the diseases we vaccinate against here in the United States are prevalent in other nations. These diseases are devastating to a child's health and can be deadly. They are not prevalent here in the United States because of the vaccines that children get. Below is the recommended vaccine schedule. If you have any questions regarding vaccines or would like an alternate vaccine  schedule please speak with your child's pediatrician.


Recommended Vaccine Schedule 




Hepatitis B

2 Months

Pediarix,  HIB, Prevnar, Rotateq

4 Months

Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, Rotateq

6 Months

Pediarix, Prevnar

12 Months

HIB, Prevnar, MMR

15 Months

DTaP, Hepatitis A

18 Months


24 Months

Hepatitis A

4 Years

DTaP, Polio, MMR, Varicella

11 Years

HPV, TdaP, Menactra, Varicella (only if needed)