After Hours Reminders


We provide 24/7 phone coverage. During the day messages are sent to our triage nurse who will return your call in a timely manner. The triage nurse can address questions you may have and is in contact with your child's pediatrician regarding questions and concerns.If you need to speak directly with your pediatrician the triage nurse will initiate the call to obtain information that will be useful for the pediatrican when they return your call. The physician will return calls as schedules permit and maybe returned during lunch or early evening after the office closes.

Calls placed after normal business hours will be received by an answering service and transferred to the physician on call. They will return your call within 30 minutes, if you do not receive a return call within the half hour, in a non-emergency situation, please call again and inform the service you did you receive a return call.

We would like to remind our patients of procedures for after hour calls.

  • After hours calls should be reserved for emergencies only. If you are looking for lab results, prescription refills or general advice we ask that you call during our normal business hours and speak with the triage nurse.

  • When calling please give the answering service one phone number for the pediatrician to reach you.

  • After placing the call to the answering service please keep the phone line free so the pediatrican can return you call.

  • Please have your caller ID turned off. We ask that you please respect the privacy of the phone numbers that we use to return calls. If you miss the physcian's return call, please place another call through the answering service. Do NOT call the physcian back directly.


We hope that these reminders are helpful in the event you need to contact us after hours. Our goal is to provide your family with the best possible care.