Helmet Use


  • Children should start wearing a bike helmet from the first time they ride a tricycle. It should be required that your child may not ride a bike at all without a helmet on.
  • Other sports that require a helmet: roller skating, skateboarding, roller hockey
  • If children start wearing helmets from day one then wearing one will become a habit every time they get on a bike.
  • A helmet should be warn for EVERY bike ride regardless of the length. Even if your child is not planning on leaving the driveway a helmet should be on!
  • The helmet should be specifically a bike helmet. Other types of helmets (football, ice hockey) will not adequately protect the head from a fall off a bike.
  • The helmet should be worn squarely on the head with the chin strap securely fastened. The helmet should NOT be tipped back so the entire forehead is visible as it will not protect your child's head correctly.
  • You child's helmet should be replaced if involved in any type of crash or fall.